Submitting Your Team Roster:

  1. Your completed team roster must be emailed to by July 30, 2018.  (Know this date…no excuses, no exceptions).  Your team’s seed, # of runners, etc… can be updated at the time of roster submission.
  2. Your team roster must be emailed as an EXCEL spreadsheet in the format that the captain received with confirmation of your team’s entry.
  3. Your team roster DOES NOT need to be in runner sequence.
  4. If all fields in your team’s roster are not completed, your team roster will be deemed incomplete (emails and phone numbers are required for each runner).
  5. If your roster is not submitted by July 30, you will be responsible for the late fee for each member of your team (e.g. 12 runners x $10/runner = $120 late fee).
  6. Please DO NOT submit your roster until it is complete. Each change to your roster after it is submitted must be accompanied by a $10 update fee.

Substitutions / Additions / Deletions:

  1. After July 30, you can substitute, add and delete runners by printing and mailing the Runner Sub/Add Form. (pdf)  A $10 fee per roster change is required.  Deleting a runner does not require the $10 update fee.
  2. After Wednesday, August 29, 2018, please scan and email a copy of the form to, and bring the original form and sub fee to packet pick-up.
  3. Substitutions/Additions made after July 30, 2018  cannot be guaranteed a correct t-shirt size.
  4. Substitutions/Additions must be received by Thursday, September 6, 2018, 8:00 pm.