The 2023 Blue Ridge Relay is thrilled to partner with the Blue Ridge Conservancy’s Middle Fork Greenway project.  The vision for the Blue Ridge Relay remains today as it was in 2005 … to share the beauty of North Carolina’s (and Virginia’s) Blue Ridge Mountains with other runners.  But as BRR grew, we’ve also been able to support the communities that we run through.

The Middle Fork Greenway (MFG) is an emerging multi-use greenway connecting Blowing Rock to Boone.   The mission of MFG is to preserve an expanse of greenspace along the middle headwaters of the South Fork/New River that will protect the natural, scenic, historic and cultural resources of the corridor.  In addition, this 6-½ mile trail will create a wealth of safe running options in North Carolina’s High Country.

The Blue Ridge Relay believes that our support of the Blue Ridge Conservancy (BRC) and Middle Fork Greenway is a natural fit:

  1. BRC is protecting land that is valued by runners and outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. BRC has protected over 20,000 acres in the Blue Ridge Relay corridor including the following counties: Ashe (Legs 2-10), Watauga (Legs 10-15), Avery (Legs 15-21), Mitchell (Legs 21-27) and Yancey (Legs 27-31).

Donate today so you can be a part of this legacy Blue Ridge Conservancy project to build a premier greenway trail while protecting our natural resources in the North Carolina High Country!   To donate, visit and in the comment box write Blue Ridge Relay!

BRR runners, we want you to know that BRR will continue to financially support the community groups that staff the BRR course.  Our relationship with MFG will not impact our support of our outstanding volunteer groups.  In addition, for those individuals and teams that make additional contributions to select community groups, please maintain those relationships…we don’t want our relationship with MFG to remove support from other worthy groups.  However, your support of MFG is greatly appreciated.