2023 Registration Opened
December 5, 2022

Steps For Team Registration:

  1. Your team’s registration constitutes agreement to comply with Blue Ridge Relay Rules and Penalties.  Please CLICK HERE for a complete listing of the Rules and Penalties or visit the Rules and Penalties tab on the drop-down menu of Team Information.
  2. Team Captain CLICK HERE to view a printable Team Registration Form. (pdf)
  3. Print the Team Registration Form.
  4. The Team Captain must be a member of the team.  Once a team is registered, all communication between the team and the Blue Ridge Relay must go through the Team Captain. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to share all applicable information with team members.
  5. Please choose a Team Name that is appropriate for public announcement/media (i.e. no profanity, obscenity, etc…). If a team name is determined to be inappropriate, the team captain will be notified by the Blue Ridge Relay, with a request for name change.
  6. If Team Name is left blank, then the team name will be the last name of the team captain.
  7. “Team 10K Average” is the “minutes per mile” for your team. This is not your estimated race pace for the Relay. This is the actual 10K average for your team for an average 10K. This must be accurate to ensure an appropriately seeded start time.  Please enter average pace per mile (e.g. 8:00/mile).  Start times for all teams are primarily based upon the 10K seed time.  Start time requests will NOT be accepted.  Please do not “sandbag” your times (refer to Rules and Penalties).
  8. A team must be composed of a minimum 4 runners and a maximum of 12 runners. Any number of runners between 4 and 12 is acceptable.  If you wish to run with a team less than 4 runners, please communicate with the Race Director before submitting your entry.
  9. Mail the complete Team Registration Form and entry fee (one check per team).  Please identify your team name in the memo section of your check. Team Registration Forms that are received without the entry fee will not be accepted.
  10. Upon receipt of your team’s entry, the captain will receive email confirmation AND an EXCEL spreadsheet, which is your team’s roster.