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Link to Driving Map to navigate to The Start from West Jefferson and Boone.

To The Start

Links to Driving Maps to navigate around Restricted Roads.

Leg 2

Leg 12

Leg 13

Leg 17

Leg 22

Leg 23

Leg 36

Links to Driving Maps to navigate between Transition Zones

Start to EZ 6

EZ 6 to Riverside Restaurant (If your inactive van is looking for a place to relax before transitioning to EZ12.  Riverside offers burgers, sandwiches, salads, has frontage on and easy access to the New River, ample parking and a big lawn.)

Riverside to EZ 12

EZ 6 to EZ 12

EZ 12 to EZ 18

EZ 18 to EZ 24

EZ 24 to EZ 30

EZ 30 to Finish