With a dramatically reduced inventory of passenger vans (related to COVID in 2020), BRR was not able to secure the partnership with a van rental company for BRR2021. We will work to reestablish a partnership in 2022.

Rule II-1: On Course Vehicles: Each team is limited to two vehicles, preferably vans, minivans, or SUVs (not to exceed 6’9″ wide by 20ft in length). NO MOTOR HOMES, LIMOUSINES, BUSES, OR TRAILERS. This applies to all exchange zones and transition zones. If you have doubts about the legality of your vehicle, you must have it checked at the start by a Race Director. If a violation occurs, the vehicle must depart from the racecourse/exchange zone immediately.  It is a violation for a 15 passenger van to transport a rear cargo carrier.  In addition, your team will be assessed a 60 minute penalty for the first violation and possible disqualification for a second violation.